Analytical Capabilities

With more regulations on the horizon and increasing demand for financial information and analysis, keeping your bank or financial institution on solid financial ground is going to become increasingly difficult.  With us, your organization can access experts to help ease you through critical evaluation processes and help you make thorough decisions about your long-term strategy.

Our associates can provide your bank with:

  • Targeting analyses of your financial institution’s balance sheet and income statement
  • Profitability and efficiency analyses
  • Variance analyses to forecasts and budgets
  • Valuation estimates
  • Break-even and return on investment analyses for new initiatives
  • Forecasting and budget support reports
  • Detailed analyses and breakdown of Tier I and Tier II capital and ratios
  • Month-end reporting and report automation
  • Any additional ad-hoc financial analysis desired by your financial institution’s management, executive or board

We recognize that you have to be exceptionally careful in applying limited resources and be diligent about estimating and monitoring returns on new investments.  Our financial institution clients have asked us to leave them with easy-to-use tools that enable them to meet their goals without being forever dependent on external consultants.

With our services, you can get:

  • Reports on factors that influence your bank’s earnings
  • Details about financial warning signs of potential problems
  • Highlights of key performance indicators based on your financial institution’s size, market and/or product base
  • Analyses of overall profitability
  • Ratio analyses and measures of earnings
  • Evaluations of changes in earnings and profitability
  • Evaluations of interest income and noninterest income components of revenue
  • Board, executive management and branch report template
  • User friendly, five-year pro-forma forecast models
  • Project or capital investment ROI models
  • Strategic branch or business line expansion models
  • Forecast and budget toolsReports on factors that influence your bank’s earnings

Following are some of our recent engagements that demonstrate the scope of our services available to your financial institution:

  • For a de Novo bankwe assisted their management team in building a six-month earnings forecast and developing easy-to-use templates for regular forecast updates.
  • For a combined $750 million banking organization, we created a merger and acquisition template and, using publicly available data from our resource database, allowed management of the target organization to make the appropriate decision for their shareholders and the overall organization.
  • For a $2.5 billion bank, we analyzed and built five- and ten-year projections on branch expansion projects with return on investment and break-even metrics.
  • For a $500 million bank, we created a relationship pricing model which allowed their senior lending officers to profitably price deals based on the clients’ total bank relationships.
  • For a $300 million thrift, based on management and executive interviews, we developed their FY budget and a thorough analysis of their entire general ledger account.